Balaji Controls was founded by a pool of highly qualified and talented engineers with vast experience in the OEM, MRO, Automation and Panel builders.

Since our foundation we have been proactively working towards providing high quality and cost effective solutions to our customers. Balaji delivers end to end innovative products and solutions for businesses needs and expectations. We see that its important to have an solutions partner who can help accomplish their goals, achieve and realize cost effective savings every step of the way.

Products & Solutions

We are a well known supplier of a comprehensive range of highly reliable Electrical & IT solutions. These products are widely acknowledged for their flawless designs and superior performance characteristics.

Cable Ties

We offer complete selection of cable ties in various styles, sizes, materials and colors to meet our customer’s needs.

Tie Base

These are various in styles, sizes, materials and colors act as a fixing element for a cable tie to any surface.


We provide an extensive line of tooling designed specifically to provide optimum performance. As the demand …

Wire Ducts

It refers to a wire trough that easily allows for organization, pulling and separation of cables. Often it features a sliding cover and “fingers” on 


A label is a piece of paper, plastic film, affixed to a product on which is printed information or symbols about the product. We provide a full line of…

Heat Shrink Tubing

It is a shrinkable plastic tube used to insulate wires, providing abrasion resistance and environmental protection for stranded and solid…..

Surge Protection Devices

A voltage spike is a transient event, typically lasting 1 to 30 microseconds, which may reach over 1,000 volts. 

Power Supply

A power supply unit converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a device. 

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together. Terminal blocks are used to ….

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